Pet Policy: 

We fully understand the strong bond between owners and their pets, and as such we strive to be as accomodating as possible. However, we do have to provide some guidance to keep this policy in effect and protect all involved from harm.

First, all government ordinances (laws) must be strictly adhered to. This means leashes, restraints, rabies shots, current vacinations, and so forth and be readily available for inspection.. For MOST pet owners, this is already done! However, we retain the right to demand proof as necessary.

Secondly, NO EXOTIC ANIMALS. This includes ALL chickens, goats, wilderbeasts, unicorns, and so forth.

Third, WE REQUIRE RENTERS INSURANCE if you have a dog. Any dog. Indoor or outdoor, IF it is a dog, you must have RENTERS INSURANCE. Of course, we recommend this anyway as a way of preventing you from loosing ALL YOUR POSESSIONS should a disaster strike, but with a dog, WE REQUIRE RENTERS INSURANCE. And only 1 dog. We will allow 2 cats, if spayed/neutered, or as many "goldfish" as is reasonable.No pet may exceed 35 pounds.

IF IN DOUBT, PLEASE ASK US PRIOR TO OBTAINING A PET, to avoid any disappointment.
And please don't try to "sneak" your dog onto the property. We will find out, so lets avoid the unnecessary embarassment.

If you have a VALID medically necessary pet, we require a licenced physician to indicate the medical need, on their letterhead. Pet rent and deposits are waived for medically necessary pets with proper documentation, however, the insurance requirement will remain in effect, for everyone's protection, and a pet addendum is still required to be added to your Rental Contract.

Pet rents are established on a per property basis, but are a minimum of $150 pet fee per pet and $25 per month per pet. Normally, we only charge these fees for dogs, but is subject to change. We require a photograph of the dog at signing of the Rental Contract, that clearly shows the dog's size and breed.